California's rooftop solar program is outdated, causing higher bills for millions of customers—including those least able to pay.

Lack of progress on reform is costing Californians without solar $12 million more a day in higher electricity costs, or more than $2 billion so far this year. That cost burden will continue to grow until action is taken.*


*Real time cost burden on Californians who don’t have solar. Calculated since the CPUC released proposed reforms on 12/13/21.

In its current form, the state’s rooftop solar program favors the wealthiest Californians and shifts shared costs disproportionately to customers who are least able to pay.

About 70% of California solar adopters are in the wealthiest 40% of society and only 30% are in the bottom 60%.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“Income Trends among U.S. Residential Rooftop Solar Adopters,” 2020

It’s time to update the state’s 25-year-old program to:

Reflect today’s reduced cost of clean energy

Ensure everyone who uses the grid pays their fair share

Stop unfair bill increases on those without solar, many of whom are low-income and least able to pay

Renewable power

Ensure CA achieves clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals in the most cost-effective way