Dozens of Diverse Organizations Urge CPUC to Put Equity, Affordability and the Interests of All Electricity Customers Over the Profits of Large Publicly-Traded Rooftop Solar Corporations

Posted on February 2, 2022

Coalition Says CPUC’s Proposed Changes “fall short” of Ensuring Equity Among All Customers

Sacramento – Today Affordable Clean Energy for All urged the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to stay focused on the best interests of all electricity customers as it gets closer to voting on reform to the state’s rooftop solar program, Net Energy Metering (NEM).

In a letter submitted to the CPUC today, dozens of diverse organizations representing the interests of low- and middle-income Californians, seniors, faith-based, environmental, community groups, and business groups said changes in the CPUC’s Proposed Decision “fall short of addressing the Commission’s own guiding principle to ‘ensure  equity among customers.’”

  • “The Proposed Decision makes progress toward reducing the cost shift by ensuring that customers who have and will be installing rooftop solar panels begin contributing to the maintenance of the electric grid  and state mandated public policy programs. But it stops short of ensuring solar customers pay their fair share.”

  • The Proposed Decision would continue to have customers without rooftop systems pay an unfair burden on their electricity bills so that other customers can install rooftop solar.”

  • “The Affordable Clean Energy for All coalition supports the state’s transition to a cleaner energy future and recognizes rooftop solar will continue to play a key part of meeting our state’s goals. It remains perplexing, however, that the cost of solar technology has dropped 70 percent, but the current NEM program has continued to mandate steady subsidies over the past two decades. Those subsidies have contributed to the growth of and profits to large publicly traded rooftop solar companies.”

  • “We encourage the Commission to revise the Proposed Decision to be certain that the glide path to protect the interests of the rooftop solar industry does not ultimately protect the profits of large solar companies over the interests of customers without rooftop solar, nor interfere with the goal of helping California achieve its clean energy goals in an affordable and equitable manner.”

  • “The Commission has done a commendable job of balancing numerous competing interests and we appreciate the complexity of this issue. From a customer perspective, however, it boils down to the simple fact:

  • “Everyone relies on the electric grid – customers with rooftop solar and those without – and everyone should pay their fair share.

  • “So, while we celebrate progress in the Proposed Decision, we should not pretend the problem of unfair subsidies has been solved. Doing so will prevent us from continuing the hard work ahead.”