Frequently Asked Questions

What is Net Energy Metering (NEM)?

Why are changes needed to NEM?

How exactly do bill credits for customers with rooftop solar systems increase the bills of customers without rooftop solar systems?

Why are cost burdens falling disproportionately on low- and moderate-income electricity customers?

Why does the cost burden on customers without rooftop systems continue to grow?

Since any power generated from a rooftop solar system reduces the power needed to buy from other sources, isn’t it only fair to pay customers for that excess power?

If changes to NEM result in lower monthly bill credits for future customers with rooftop solar systems, won’t fewer customers be motivated to make the investment?

Should changes to NEM only impact future customers or also those that currently have rooftop solar systems?

Given the state’s energy shortage, ongoing wildfire threats that lead to public safety power shut-offs, and reliability issues, don’t we need more, not less, Californians generating their own power?

What is the current monthly bill credit provided to customers with rooftop solar systems?

Do customers with rooftop solar systems continue to receive bill credits after their systems are paid off?