Groups Representing the Environment and Low-Income Customers Want Meaningful Reform to the State’s Rooftop Solar Program

Posted on March 18, 2021

Not Surprisingly, Solar Companies Want to Keep the Status Quo

Sacramento — By the March 15 deadline, a broad range of organizations – including consumer advocates and environmental organizations – have submitted proposals to the CPUC to update California’s 25-year-old Net Energy Metering (NEM) program. While proposed solutions differ, the majority of parties weighing in recognize the NEM program is unfairly driving up electricity bills for millions of Californians and also jeopardizing the state’s ability to achieve our clean energy objectives at the lowest cost.

Not surprisingly, groups representing solar corporations failed to acknowledge the outdated NEM structure is unnecessarily driving up electricity rates for customers who don’t have solar systems, particularly for low-income customers. These solar groups are advocating instead for only minor modifications that do little to address the unfair cost burdens. In short, their proposals amount to keeping the unfair status quo.

Advocates for meaningful NEM reform recognize its possible to continue to promote rooftop solar, grow access in disadvantaged communities while also creating a more equitable rate structure that doesn’t unfairly burden low-income Californians.

Here’s a breakdown how groups have lined up:

Submitted Proposal for Meaningful Reform

The Utility Reform Network (TURN)


Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC)

The Public Advocates Office of the CPUC

Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric

California Wind Energy Association

Submitted Proposal to Protect Status Quo

California Solar and Storage Association

California Energy Storage Alliance

Solar Energy Industries Association, Vote Solar