More delay from the CPUC to reform Net Energy Metering means the cost shift continues to grow

Posted on May 9, 2022

Sacramento – In response to a California Public Utilities Commission ruling today seeking additional comment on the Net Energy Metering proceeding, the Affordable Clean Energy for All coalition issued the below statement. The statement can be attributed to Kathy Fairbanks, Affordable Clean Energy for All spokesperson:

“While we appreciate the Commission is taking time to try to get this right, the sooner they take action to fix the cost shift the better.

“By getting it right, we mean eliminating the unfair cost burden NEM imposes on non-solar customers who are disproportionately from disadvantaged communities. While we support the Commission carefully considering reform options, every single day that goes by without NEM reform imposes more cost burden on non-solar customers. Since the Proposed Decision was released last December, non-solar customers have paid nearly $2 billion ($1.81b) more than they should have to cover costs not paid by solar customers who are typically wealthier.”

  • The cost-shift projection is based on the $3.4 billion cost shift in 2021 (or $9 million a day from Dec 14 – 31, 2021) plus the projected $4.4 billion cost shift for 2022 (or $12 million per day from Jan 1 – May 9, 2022).