California's rooftop solar program is outdated, causing higher bills for millions of customers—including those least able to pay.

In its current form, the state’s rooftop solar program favors the wealthiest Californians and shifts shared costs disproportionately to customers who are least able to pay.

About 70% of California solar adopters are in the wealthiest 40% of society and only 30% are in the bottom 60%.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“Income Trends among U.S. Residential Rooftop Solar Adopters,” 2020

It’s time to update the state’s 25 year old program to:

Reflect today’s reduced cost of clean energy

Ensure everyone who uses the grid pays their fair share

Stop unfair bill increases on those without solar, many who are low-income and least able to pay

Renewable power

Ensure CA achieves clean energy and greenhouse gas reduction goals in the most cost-effective way

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